Last Week, Jens Weidmann, a policymaker of European Central Bank ECB has passed a starling statement saying that stablecoins are no alarming to people offering opportunities. He further instructed users to be vigilant following threats and insecurities of cryptocurrency.

The ECB policymaker stated that digital currency that pegged by asset offer security against volatility, leaving no question of alarm. He discussed it at a meeting held between G7 Finance ministers and bankers. Though ECB’s governing council’s statement was a consequence of controversial opinions against Facebook Libra, yet it matters a lot for the rest of stable coins and tokens backed by a physical asset.
Though Weidmann’s Russian and American counterparts opposed his point of view, yet the discussion is notable reflecting the world’s favor towards stable cryptocurrency. This news worths a lot for cryptocurrency like Secured Gold Coin that is gold-backed project offering an ultimate resistance against volatility and loss due to its 60% gold-backed feature. Not limited to it, but it also features the usability of fiat money that we happen to use in our everyday life, combining it with the ease of SGC debit card. SGC stablecoin properties are worth enough to make it a crypto leader and will play a role in its worldwide acceptance.

The ease of usability and sustainability combined with security against volatility makes Secured Gold Coin a future currency. You will be able to use it to pay your utility bills and shopping payments.
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