Binance, a global crypto exchange providing the world a platform to trade over 100 cryptocurrencies has announced its return on iOS after a troublesome month. It not only serves you with a crypto-wallet to store your electronic funds but also offers support programs to help investors make trading decisions. 

The CEO of the largest exchange by volume, Changpeng Zhao announced the app’s return on the App Store through a tweet claiming the process to be a tough one. Apart from this, Binance also has its coin since 2017 called the Binance Coin. Having an app lets you trade your cryptocurrencies in real-time, faster, smoother, and more accessible than you could do on a mobile website. Once you download, you can use the Binance app to ensure the safe and sound trading of your cryptocurrencies on your iPhone on the go.

Moreover, SGC is also glad to announce its listing on Binance whereas the launch will take place on 15th September 2019. The launch on Binance means SGC Secured Gold Coin ensures an extensive functionality in the cryptocurrency exchange market.

Secured Gold Coin is a gold-backed cryptocurrency where its 60% of the value is backed by gold while the conventional principle of demand and supply derives the remaining 40%. Being asset-backed means, SGC will not waver or deplete as most of the other cryptocurrencies making it a very stable and safe option for day to day usage and investment.

The security provided by SGC is exquisite, which keeps all the transactions traceable and immutable, which is an ultimate virtue of blockchain technology. Moreover, SGC PAY Debit Card can be used for purchasing purposes and can also be integrated with the crypto wallet easily. SGC wallet enable users to make secure transactions, transfer coins, and view transaction history easily by a single click on their devices.

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