Bitcoin is a virtual currency that is a father of other cryptocurrencies. It introduced the world a new structure where the domestic government or central bank no more rule or govern money. It launched money on a decentralized network free of anyone’s control. Hundreds of cryptos are active and in use globally. The fact sustains that Bitcoin is the most famous of all, or you may say somehow most notorious too.

Well, it opened a new perspective; however, came up with severe flaws enabling a superior cryptocurrency such as SGC Secured Gold Coin to replace it. One of its critical flaws is its highest volatility against other cryptocurrencies. No one knows when it fluctuates by a colossal percent, and another time falls by the same rate making it unpredictable. Its wild price swings may offer short-term benefits to a few traders but reduce its value in the eye of consumers who seeks to use it as a mode of exchange. It also affects investors that are more conservative or look ahead to a long time horizon. So, these factors create room for a competent cryptocurrency that can effectively overcome all these problems.

Fortunately, an adequate secured and stable cryptocurrency, Secured Gold Coin, is already emerging in the market. Following its outstanding model of a hybrid coin, it is getting an enormous acceptance. Unlike other cryptos that are limited in their usability option, it offers usability to everyone. You can keep it as an investment purpose or use it as a replacement of paper money anywhere via SGC Pay Debit Card.

Adding to its usability, SGC secured gold coin has to introduce SGC Pay Debit Card making things far easier. This amazing integration of classic banking system with advanced feature of cryptocurrency gives it a distinctive edge over Bitcoin, Etherum, and other altcoins. You can use SGC Pay either to shop at e-commerce sites, brick and mortar shops, or shopping malls without any influence or involvement of any third-party. It allows users to use SGC hybrid coin at an ATM near you.

SGC currency is a right answer to drawbacks of Bitcoin, aiming at replacing the original with a considerable margin. Want to know more or interested in Secured Gold Coin, register yourself here.

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