We read every day about the world meeting new ends, new improvements in every field. Still, the economy brings new lows while suffering through a critical period, failing to meet the requirements or demands. Where Fiat money is experiencing hardships because of governments using them for their benefits, and on the other hand, cryptocurrencies have failed to meet the expected requirements.

Cryptocurrencies took the market on in 2009 with the launch of bitcoin, have grown with the introduction of thousands of other cryptos since then.  Crypto has given the world a highly secured payment system with a more straightforward and smoother transaction method. However, the draw-back that crypto has faced is due to its instability. Increase or decrease, the value of a single coin changes by the minute, which keeps the users on their toes.

New methods and ideas were introduced to reduce instability, which leads to the launch of asset-backed coins. It is backed by a proportion of real-world’s tangible or intangible assets such as gold, making it “gold-backed” crypto. This brings stability to the coin, offering security against loss unless the value of the asset falls. SGC (Secured Gold Coin) is an example of the gold-backed coin. 40% of the coin value is based on utility and demand and supply, while the remaining 60% of its value is backed by gold, minimizing the insecurity of devaluation.

Hybrid coins, just as the name suggests, is a combination of properties of two previous, already existing coins, leading to a new, secure solution. Gold-backed, SGC is also a hybrid coin that you can use for investment purposes and also combine it with your SGC PAY debit card. Previously, there have been some hurdles limiting the growth of cryptos, but SGC has been adaptive and quick to deal with them and prevent any damage. Thanks to its gold-backed property, SGC has proven to be very stable against market instability.

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