63% of American consumers consider Blockchain tokens to be a simple payment method, according to a recent poll by KPMG.

VentureBeat reported on the results of the September 25 survey and cited an accompanying statement by Arun Gosh, KPMG’s blockchain leader in the US:

“Tokenization provides inspiring new ways to classify values ​​by either creating new assets or redefining traditional businesses that use tokenization. This can open the door to completely new process improvements, revenue streams, and customer retention opportunities.”

Based on the results of its survey, KPMG has underlined its belief that blockchain infrastructures can give the business a significant strategic business value.

Since transparency, immutability, and reduced friction are generally recognized as key benefits of blockchain, there appears to be a high degree of customer responsiveness to their innovation, whether or not they are familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of the technology itself.

While only 33% of consumers are “very familiar” with these defining properties of blockchain tokens, 63% see them as a simple payment method, and 55% believe that they can provide better loyalty rewards programs.

82% of consumers are open to using blockchain tokens as part of an existing loyalty program. 81% say they would rather trust the use of such tokens if they are already enrolled in a company loyalty program. 79% of respondents said that they would be more willing to use blockchain tokens if they turned out to be easy to use, both intuitive and appealing.

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