Since Bitcoin’s emergence in 2009, the world has faced the technology like never before launching a new era of money and finance. It introduced the world with the mind shattering concept of virtual or cryptocurrency. This continuous growth of crypto lead to the requirement of a separate medium to store this currency. A crypto wallet was needed, which would help you save, send, and receive cryptocurrencies. Crypto wallets are now considered a very secure medium for payments, considered safer than many traditional payment methods. Many different crypto wallets are being introduced all around the world today.

SGC is developing its crypto wallet, which will offer a lot of privileges to its users. It will allow the users to make transactions and view the information on previous transactions. After you create a new SGC wallet by setting up your credentials, you can use it to send coins, view transaction history, and apart from this, users will be able to call the methods implemented in smart contracts. Users can also check the wallet information, remaining coins, and transactions made by connecting other wallet extensions.

Since coins are not accepted everywhere, SGC came up with an idea to make things more applicable. SGC introduced the SGC PAY debit card. With SGC PAY your coins will become usable everywhere, even in everyday purchases as it can be connected with your SGC wallet It is the feature that no other cryptocurrency offers. SGC PAY can be used as any other debit card for your day to day use making your cryptocurrency available at your disposal at any given time. This is what gives SGC wallet the advantage over others; it becomes usable everywhere.

You can create your SGC wallet by going to and clicking the create new wallet button.

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