Standing amongst the world’s top 10 most visited websites, Wikipedia also joins Brave Browser bandwagon. It is the world’s fastest, reliable blockchain-based browser enabling Wikipedia to accept donations in the form of Basic Attention Token (BAT) boosting the non-profit online encyclopedia’s revenue. 

The news reports say that Wikipedia stands among leading publisher on BAT Search Engine. Wikipedia’s progress as a brave publisher will help the search engine to analyze whether blockchain-based browser and crypto are really as worthy as they already found it. The Brave Browser looks forward to revolutionizing the advertising economy for publishers and viewers by rewarding them in the form of cryptocurrency

The Brave Browser pay viewers crypto coins as they opt to watch the ad. The other reward system is for publisher whom users can give a tip for quality content. BAT aims to boost transparency via self-controllable incentivized reward system on which YouTube, Reddit, Twitch, Twitter, CCN, and Crunchbase are already registered. Wikipedia also closely follows other gigantic publishers such as Guardian, Hackernoon, Vimeo and British Daily Newspaper on Brave. 

Even though there is a problematic path cryptocurrency has to cover, but adoption of digital coins by leading internet tycoons depicts crypto will soon rule the world.

Bitcoin price is touching the figure of USD 10,000. Etherum and other altcoins are also suffering volatility and criticism. Compatible new cryptocurrencies are emerging, offering optimum solutions to fiat and online coins problems. 

SGC Secured Gold Coin is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency that is 60% gold-backed and 40% utility. Interestingly, it is an optimal solution to the leading problems of bitcoin and other coins. It is a cryptocurrency of the future that offers stability and security against volatility and usability. Like a fiat or plastic money, you can use it at any time, anywhere by integrating it with SGC PAY Debit Card.

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